Mega Jump

Mega Jump for Android 1.6.2

Coins are your travel currency


  • Addictive gameplay
  • Fun visual style
  • Casual difficulty


  • Coin placement sometimes unfair


Mega Jump is another vertical distance arcade game using coins and power-ups to fly higher.

Like other vertical arcade games, the goal of Mega Jump is to travel vertically as far as possible. The difference with Mega Jump is that coins shoot the player vertically as well as collected to open new levels and eventually purchase new avatars and open new levels.

Mega Jump also includes an in-app purchase system to open other content quicker. The gameplay of Mega Jump uses the accelerometer to move the player’s avatar from left to right. Maneuvering the creature to coins is easy and does not take much skill during the early levels, but Mega Jump adds obstacles and monsters to stop the upwards journey.

The graphics of Mega Jump are cartoon in style, but add a lot of character to the game. Mega Jump runs smoothly as the avatar careens through coins and different power-ups. Some of the power-ups act like rockets while others give magnetic properties.

New levels are opened by reaching specific point levels, but the addictive gameplay will have players gaining these new levels with little problem. Mega Jump is a good successor to the gameplay of Doodle Jump which features similar gameplay.

Mega Jump is a great arcade game using the accelerometer with its impressive visuals and fun gameplay.

Three brand new characters Minor bug fixes


  • Three brand new characters Minor bug fixes
Mega Jump


Mega Jump for Android 1.6.2

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