Mega Jump

Mega Jump 21.0.3

Collecting coins by flying vertically

Mega Jump uses coins to propel a creature skyward to gain points. View full description


  • Excellent gameplay
  • Great visuals


  • Can get repetitive


Mega Jump uses coins to propel a creature skyward to gain points.

There are many different kinds of vertical arcade games. Mega Jump changes the gameplay by using coins as the platform and also the point system of the game.

Players have to collect coins to continue their ascent while collecting power-ups that can assist in coin collecting or gaining more points. Using the accelerometer, Mega Jump requires only a small amount of skill to be proficient.

To become a master of Mega Jump requires much more precision to not only gain a lot of coins, but gather all the important power-ups while climbing. Most of the time, it is not difficult to grab the next coin, but the higher players get, the more skill is required.

Mega Jump also supports an in-app store to purchase other content quicker. These locked items can be earned by playing the game, but for the impatient everything can be opened.

Using a comic style, Mega Jump looks great with many effects while playing. The animation in Mega Jump is some of the best because nothing stays static. Everything in Mega Jump appears to have some form of animation.

Mega Jump is a great vertical arcade game. It evolves the genre and adds some needed character.


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Mega Jump


Mega Jump 21.0.3